150 Writing Prompts

  1. I didn’t walk away willingly.
  2. I did something I can never take back.
  3. Your eyes lost their sparkle because of me.
  4. Pretend to love me, even if for a moment.
  5. You are my whole world; I wish I were yours.
  6. Best friends since six turned into strangers by eighteen.
  7. You will have no future if you choose her.
  8. If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn’t have said hello.
  9. I’m tired of putting bandages on wounds that will never heal.
  10. If the dreams stopped, I would be fine.
  11. I don’t hate love; I don’t understand it.
  12. I could’ve loved you for the rest of my life.
  13. He was going back to the place he swore he would never see again.
  14. Why didn’t you look back when you walked out of my life?
  15. You’re the girl in the photos my parents hid.
  16. For years, the only thing I ever wanted to say to you was, I love you.
  17. You say sorry with words, but your actions show otherwise.
  18. When your eyes connected with mine, I knew I was done.
  19. The songs no longer hurt.
  20. Please take me back to that September night.
  21. I’m nothing but spackle to those around me.
  22. You are my history, present, and future.
  23. Stop holding people hostage with your words.
  24. You’re more complicated than a million-piece puzzle.
  25. The only thing standing between us is my trust fund.
  26. For if they knew the truth, they would want nothing to do with a soul as damaged and broken as hers.
  27. I misread the depths of our friendship.
  28. Can we write more stories together?
  29. Everyone has layers of honesty.
  30. You planned a future without me.
  31. I wasn’t consciously lying.
  32. We fall in love with people we can’t have.
  33. How can someone I’ve not seen in a year still be driving me insane?
  34. I fear your loss more than my own.
  35. I lost you in the music but forgot I was the one composing.
  36. Even after everything, I still feel blamed.
  37. A simple hello would suffice.
  38. I hope one day I’ll stop loving you.
  39. I wish you weren’t the one.
  40. You replaced me because you couldn’t wait.
  41. I’m not afraid of love; I’m scared of not being loved back.
  42. I’m looking forward to this new chapter in my life without you.
  43. Closure doesn’t make feelings disappear.
  44. I’m exhausted being your backup plan.
  45. I have never found another thing worthy of destroying me.
  46. Your ego consistently wins over your heart.
  47. I don’t need you to tell me who I am.
  48. Her mismatched eyes rivaled her outfit.
  49. Silence can signify so many things.
  50. I knew I didn’t want to marry her before I proposed.
  51. He put his past with her over his future with me.
  52. Her dress sparkled more than her demeanor.
  53. One little lie destroyed my future.
  54. The one thing she is good at is running away from her problems.
  55. We can’t go back, but we can’t move forward.
  56. If you think about me, don’t reach out.
  57. I love you, please wake up.
  58. Her parents were missing for the last three years, and she could not be happier.
  59. It’s been two years, why did you come back?
  60. She doesn’t want your pity; she wants you.
  61. What you did was not a mistake; it was insensitive and cruel.
  62. I still replay the voicemail you sent me two years ago.
  63. He realized he adored her as he watched her walk down the aisle toward his twin brother.
  64. She sauntered down the hall toward a man she didn’t love.
  65. The twins’ father disappeared before the first line emerged.
  66. I have a stack of letters I never sent you.
  67. Looking back will only cause disappointment.
  68. My life is infinitely better without you in it.
  69. I forgot how to be your friend.
  70. I proposed to her to save you.
  71. She felt beautiful, and he affirmed it.
  72. You talk to me when you need your ego boosted.
  73. I built my life around the notion that we would always be together.
  74. He wore a suit so he’d be taken seriously.
  75. She turned the wipers off so she couldn’t watch him walk away.
  76. If I want to keep you in my life, I have to pretend not to love you.
  77. Your true colors show when you’re away from her.
  78. If I search for her, I am admitting the truth.
  79. They didn’t love one another, but that didn’t stop them from pretending otherwise.
  80. She ran away because you ignored her.
  81. All the words we didn’t say, we felt.
  82. His guilty conscience already ate him alive the last two months, and now it would infinitely until her return.
  83. We only wanted each other to be happy, but we didn’t recognize we would be happiest together.
  84. They played it off as being best friends; we were naive to believe them.
  85. I spent so long looking for the words to say that I ended up saying nothing at all.
  86. You hated everyone I loved.
  87. His sapphire eyes, she once adored, were now distant and bleak as he withdrew further out of her life.
  88. Time doesn’t heal all wounds; sometimes, it makes them worse.
  89. It’s possible to meet the right person at the wrong time.
  90. We were destined to meet, not intended to be together forever.
  91. She tossed her wedding dress and shoes into the garbage as she ran to catch the next train out of the city.
  92. I conceal my feelings behind a laugh.
  93. I let my heart lead and ended up in prison.
  94. You say sorry with words, but your actions show otherwise.
  95. I’m ready for your final verdict.
  96. Forgetting you isn’t an option; forgiving you will help.
  97. Your happiness is more important to me than my broken soul.
  98. I was a placeholder until you found someone better.
  99. You are my greatest failure.
  100. You’re my only constant in a world of variables.
  101. I’m sorry you thought I was the love of your life.
  102. Silence fills my mind when I think of you.
  103. I don’t need an explanation for your actions; your actions were the explanation.
  104. You aren’t deserving of my tears.
  105. I resent that I allowed you to make me feel this way.
  106. I want my heart back so I can feel whole.
  107. Sometimes people don’t warrant another opportunity.
  108. We have a past that will follow us into our future.
  109. I will love you from a distance.
  110. I did everything I could to keep you in my life.
  111. Your rejection left emotional scars you’ll never understand.
  112. I took your pain as my own, and it nearly killed me.
  113. My lifelong secret and my greatest love.
  114. It’s not your fault that you don’t show your emotions the way I do.
  115. There is love behind the rejection you fear.
  116. I will trade all my feelings for a lifetime of friendship with you.
  117. I’m a fool who faltered from one of your looks.
  118. I loved you enough to let you go.
  119. We were never anything, but you were everything to me.
  120. Your rejection left emotional scars you’ll never understand.
  121. Keep the piece of my heart that you stole.
  122. Teach me how to fall out of love with you.
  123. I hate you for leaving me alone in this world.
  124. Love, the one that is always there when you need me to pick you up.
  125. We’ve grown up and grown apart.
  126. I revealed everything while saying nothing.
  127. You are going to disappear in your foolish delusion.
  128. I hope one day you can confront the parts you omit.
  129. I will love you until I take my last breath.
  130. I no longer restrain myself to the extent of your shadow.
  131. I don’t want to lose you any more than I have.
  132. You played the whole thing off like it meant nothing to you when it meant everything to me.
  133. You were my season.
  134. Change in scenery won’t do anything without a change in mentality.
  135. The pianist played the perfect escape tune.
  136. Don’t apologize for how you feel.
  137. Consider this book closed.
  138. Her focus was on the door that stood between denial and admittance.
  139. I’m tired of always being your second choice.
  140. I tried to find you in other people.
  141. He examined the contents of the box, discovering explanations to questions he didn’t ask.
  142. I need to rewrite the story of me, and you’re omitted.
  143. The candy lied.
  144. I wish I never introduced you to him.
  145. I have to forgive you for not choosing me.
  146. Undeserved chances came from second glances.
  147. The phone rang, and nothing was ever the same again.
  148. Darkness encompassed our exchanged promises.
  149. I cannot let him sacrifice for a mistake I made with his brother.
  150. Just because you can’t measure his worth and potential in monetary value doesn’t make him any less valuable to me.

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